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Turquoise stretch dress

I made it! To the finish line! Whoot! But there were a few times when I thought I was just going to get a headache. Like just when you get all that nice stretchy fabric all nice and flat for cutting, and the cat decides to use it for it’s personal slip and slide. Cue very undignified swearing.

I learned a lot about sewing this type of stretch. I have a few regrets, that I now know how I can correct for future projects. I also realized that I had been scared of sewing stretch for nothing. If you take your time, spend an hour or two learning about your machine and adjusting things, everything will be fine.


So, this was the pattern I started with. Looks so nice. My dress turned out a little different due to issues. Mainly because I could not for the life of me figure out the instructions! Especially the collar! I spent 3-4 hours, stitching, unstitching, sewing, and ripping seams, and I got absolutely nowhere! I drew out the instructions, to try and figure them out, but I couldn’t. I was about 5 minutes away from chucking the whole thing into the UFO pile and forgetting it. In the end, I threw the instructions to the corner of my room and flew solo. Suddenly everything started to work out.

PS. My camera keeps pushing the fabric to a more blue tone, but it’s a really a dark turquoise.


Fitting the pattern went rather smoothly. I knew there was extra room on top and possibility of too little room in the bottom. Aaah, the tragedy of a good rump….


My iron horse. I had a more modern one, but that broke down this spring. On the same time I actually FOUND this on the storage room floor. I asked around and could not find the owner. The manager of our housing commitee told me that the poor machine had been sitting there for about 5 years. So I took it that it had been abandoned and carried it home. To my biggest surprise it actually still worked! And due to it’s being heavy, it doesn’t jump around when putting up speed. I wasn’t sure if I could sew stretch with it, but it does actually have stretch stitches and it worked wonders in the end.


One of my horror moments. While fitting the cutted parts, I discovered that the fabric actually held flaws, and one was in the middle of my front panel. Cue recutting and now I didn’t have enough fabric to make the belt anymore. But one problem at a time.


Fitting the front and back panels on Dolly. Everything was working very smoothly at this point.


And then to the point that took over two days to make. The goddamn collar. I just COULDN’T figure out the instructions. I tried following them, only to have to take apart seams everytime I sew a new seam. I’m hopeless when it comes to text based instructions and need pictures to fully comprehend.


In the end I finally had a collar. I regret that I only had a narrow double needle, as I now thing that I should have invested in a wider one to get a nice top stitch. I also sew the skirt to the top at this point. Side seams are still open.


Fitted sleeves. Another troublemaker for me, but I’m quite surprised that I didn’t have to do them again, but they sat quite nicely on the whole. One day I really need to learn about altering sleeves.


And here it is in all it’s, well, little faulty glory. But I have to say that for a first try, I’m rather pleased. It’s a nice summer dress. I was puzzling until the very end wether or not I should keep the pockets. In the end I think I should have passed them, but they give a nice touch to it. As I had used the rest of the material for recuts, I didn’t have enough to make the belt anymore (and due to having very small pay, no money for fabric). I had gotten this red belt from one of my customers in the spring, but I though it was too flashy to wear with jeans. I think it looks nice with the dress.


I’ll update some wearing images once the weather warms up again and I can take the dress outside without freezing my tootsies.

Till next time! Happy sewing!

(I really need to clean that mirror….)


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