Sunday quickie: Adjusting Tavistock boots

A few years back I got myself a christmas treat: A pair of American Duchess Tavistock boots. (Sorry about the image capture…)


I love these boots! The leather was so soft and yielding the shoes practicly melted into the shape of my feet on the first time I wore them. I’ve gotten two kinds of response to wearing these: I get compliments on my pretty boots OR people have ridiculed me while I’m putting them on.* But my biggest point on how little I’ve worn these is, well, this:


While the boot is the correct size, the calf had extra. A lot of extra. Because I made a measuring error and got the boots with EXTRA on the calf. Dammit. And I’ve been a scaredy cat and didn’t want to try adjusting the boots before this. But I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone, so I decided to finally correct the little fault in my boots.

I followed mostly the instructions on the American Duchess blog about adjusting button boots.

Not gonna lie. I had to take a cup of tea here for the nerves.

I didn’t cut the elastic band connecting the buttons together. I used a pair of pliers and carefully took the buttons off one by one. After fitting I marked the new button places with pins (and because I couldn’t locate my seam ripper).


Buttons in their new places! I used waxed thread to sew them back on. It took a lot of the fingers to sew them back on, and I bent the first needle as it was too thin in the end to go through the leather.


Much better fit! I could have gotten a little bit tighter, but I didn’t want to put too much strain on the buttons and the leather. Now I shall happily walk in these boots again!

No news on the sewing machine yet. It was raining the whole weekend, so I didn’t get to do any painting or sanding. High hopes for next weekend!

Happy craftings!

* In Finland it’s customary to take one’s shoes off when entering someone’s home. If you work in an office, you are also expected to switch into indoor shoes, when coming into work. When I bought these, I was studying to become a masseuse, and had to switch shoes when coming to the school. It was my fellow students who thought such complicated shoes were worth the laugh.

Ending thought… With these boots and me working to restore an old sewing machine, my passion to make a victorian/edwardian gown is kindling up again… but that might be a tad bit of a stretch for now. But one day….


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